Production possibilities

In addition to classical machining technologies, we focus on the use of modern NC and CNC technologies. Our manufacturing capabilities range from material forming and cutting, through chip machining, welding to final finishing.

ASL-Tech s.r.o.

metal production for world brands


Material forming

Hydraulic Press CDM 8080 ton
Hydraulic Press-Brake ESPE CTO 250-A250 tonL=4000 mm

Material cutting

Typediameter in mm 
Material cutting with band saw400
Oxygen cutting VANAD Proxima300 - 2000x6000
Laser cutting TRUMPF12 - 1500x3000


Typediameter above the bearing in mmlength in mm
The turning SV18, AZL5000380 - 1000L=3000


Typediameter in mmdimension table in mm
The drill press50250x300 - 400x500
VO50, VS32, RF22/A


Typeclamping surface in mm table motion in mm
Milling machine FYA 32M 315x12501250x430x450
CNC milling machine FCQV 63 NC2200x630 1500x630x630


Typediameter in mmdimension table in mm
Machining Center WFQ 80 NCA-011301600x1000x800
Machining Center WFQ 80 NCA-021301600x1000x800
Machining Center CNC FSQC 80-011301250x900x850
Machining Center CNC FSQC 80-021301250x900x850

Welding equipment

Typevoltageprotective atmosphere
Welding semi ForMIG160-315ACO2, AR, Argomix
400FWS, 459FWS, 452.1FW
Welding Positionerload capacity 1250kg
17SSP301, 17SSP630

Surface treatment

Sandblasting, Painting wet

Heat treatment / annealing

TypeInternal dimensionsMax. heating temperature
HTT 402700 x 1500 x 1400700 stC

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